3 latest design trends expected to shape 2022

Even those who aren’t running an online business should be in no doubt about the central role graphic design continues to play in all of our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped bring forth all manner of new graphic designs to impart important messages to the public – but there have also been many other crucial influences on this field over the past year or so.

So, what can we expect graphic design to look like in 2022, which – lest we forget – is now just a few months away? Here are some key trends we have observed that could also shape the broader field of online marketing for small business for a while to come.

1. Concise and simple communication of information

We might as well touch on the coronavirus crisis again for our first point, for the simple reason that we expect it to continue to greatly influence graphic design in 2022 – indeed, it’s hardly as if the pandemic itself is all over.

The COVID-19 situation has resulted in a seemingly never-ending torrent of information hitting us from every angle – whether on case numbers, deaths, vaccine effectiveness, or other aspects of the crisis. This has forced the world’s graphic designers to get to work on the creation of stripped-back graphics and illustrations that impart often complex information in easy-to-understand ways.

And sure, your own brand might have little or no reason to be producing graphics related specifically to the coronavirus in 2022. Nonetheless, we expect the influence of the above to linger for a long time, as marketers gain a renewed appreciation of the visual and communicative power of infographics and illustrations that keep things insightful, but simple.

2. Muted colours

Given all of the drama around the globe over the past year and a half, it might not be a great surprise that many designers and brands have turned away from treating the most vivid colours as a ‘standard’. We’re probably all yearning for a bit of calm and predictability these days, so the edge is often being taken off the brightest hues, to create a more muted vibe.

You may be drawn to a muted colour palette for your brand’s graphic design on account of the ‘organic’ and ‘earthy’ connotations of these more understated hues – many a health and wellness brand, for instance, has embraced muted colours for exactly this reason.

Another great thing about muted colours for almost any brand, though, is their tendency to combine well with light or dark text when used as a background. These colours can help make text stand out on a webpage, which could lead to them becoming more and more common in 2022.

3. Realism juxtaposed with flatness

Are we in an era right now of graphic designers embracing more realistic imagery, on the basis that it conveys nature and relatability? Or are we all about flat, basic, geometric designs? Our answer to this is simple: many graphic designers are increasingly experimenting with combinations of both.

It’s something that you are likely to have seen in all manner of contexts lately, ranging from websites and social media pages to magazines and food packaging. Designers are juxtaposing images of real-life artefacts with flatter shapes and areas of colour to create compelling contrast.

Graphic design, as the examples above show, is a ‘living’ field that is always developing and evolving in different ways. It’s a reminder of how any brand needs to consider the visual zeitgeist when devising a branding and graphic design approach for the 2020s – as we can assist you in achieving here at PENNInk Productions.

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