3 ways to get more out of your brand’s infographics this year

Given the stylish way in which they combine visual graphics with words, it should be no great surprise that infographics remain popular among both digital marketing consulting firms and the businesses that they serve.

An infographic is fun, digestible, and when done right, can have a genuinely positive impact on your brand’s success online. This much is shown by statistics indicating that the use of infographics could bolster a website’s traffic by up to 12%, and that infographics are 30 times likelier to be read in their entirety than news articles or blog posts.

But let’s face it: even if your brand is no stranger to infographics, there will almost certainly be things you could be doing to gain even more value from them. Here are some such ways you might try in 2022.

Share your infographics more frequently on social media

Given how immediately engaging infographics are for audiences, it is perhaps surprising that more brands don’t make more aggressive use of them on the leading social platforms.

So, 2022 might be the time for your own brand to change that. Of course, your own infographics will still need to strike a chord with your audiences in order to attract many ‘likes’ or shares, but it is also true that this format of image perfectly suits often time-pressed social media users.

Publish infographics on your site’s resources pages

We should be long past the point when the ‘resources’ section of a brand’s website is automatically regarded as a merely dull, worthy and informative one.

After all, the strength of infographics lies largely in how they make complex information and concepts quicker and easier to understand. Some brands go as far as creating a landing page for each new infographic they come up with. They might then link this to the resource pages on their sites for more in-depth reading once the reader has got to grips with the basics of the given topic.

Spin off your infographics into further images, PDFs and GIFs

It’s easy to overlook that infographics are essentially already compilations of multiple images. And why would you only want to give your audiences the ‘album’, when you can also spotlight some of the ‘songs’? This is what repurposing your infographic into individual images is all about.

It’s as simple a process as breaking down the data or main points of your given infographic into several further images that might be even better suited to sharing on social than the whole infographic. You might, for instance, post one of these ‘repurposed’ images as a teaser, linking to the entire infographic on your website to drive traffic there.

The above might not be the only great way to repurpose your infographics, depending on your brand’s image and sector. You might use the images you’ve broken your infographic down into by converting them into a highly digestible PDF for LinkedIn audiences, or you could convert them into GIFs to help make them even more engaging on Facebook or Twitter.

Again, you should be including a link somewhere to your full infographic landing page or an article exploring the topic in more detail, if you are to not miss the opportunity that infographic repurposing can represent.

Is your brand looking to make use of infographics this year in ways it has never done before? Or perhaps there are other services or solutions you are interested in that could help optimise your brand’s online presence?

Regardless, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the most trusted digital marketing consulting firms – PENNInk Productions – today for further advice and guidance on how we can help.

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