5 ways to improve the conversion rate of your landing pages in 2022

Now that we have entered 2022, it’s more essential than ever for brands to have a website that is fully optimised and can capture the attention of target audiences. After all, landing pages only really have a few seconds to convince the visitor to actually stay on the site.

If you aim to accomplish this with your own brand’s online presence, then you need to have a strong traffic conversion rate. Here, then, are five ways to help ensure your landing pages stand out compared to the competition in your industry.

1. Improve your content

The leading SEO marketing experts will say it to you time and time again; if you want to improve the conversion rate of your landing pages, you need to make sure your content is fully optimised.

So, take the advice of the SEO marketing experts on the PENNInk Productions team, and make sure to check your landing page descriptions for spammy writing, broken links or repeated content.

Your content will inevitably be the lifeblood of your website. Therefore, it needs to look appealing to those who visit the site. That way, it’s more likely that your customers will stay on your website to learn more, thus improving your conversion rate.

2. Shareability and social media

Another trick that SEO marketing experts recommend for improving your landing pages’ conversion rate is fairly simple. If you publish content on your website, make sure those consuming the content can easily share it.

For instance, if you include videos or images on your landing pages, or you’re even using a blog post as a landing page, you may provide links to social networks enabling the content to be intuitively shared by visitors on their own social media feeds – thereby further spreading the word about your brand and what it does.

3. Video content

Nowadays, video is one of the most popular content mediums that can be included on a website. That’s why you might seriously consider embedding relevant and digestible video content into your landing pages.

Your videos don’t need to be complicated – in fact, if they’re short, punchy and ‘snackable’, that might be all the better. You could use such videos to introduce your brand and its values, describe certain products or services, and explain how your business’s offerings answer your target audience’s pain points.

You might even consider creating and publishing videos that talk about your customer reviews or the ‘real world’ experiences that customers have had with your company.

4. Fast and natural mobile interactions

It also couldn’t be more important to ensure your brand’s website works just as well through mobile devices as it does on a desktop computer.

Your landing pages should be quick and snappy to load on all the devices your target customers are actually likely to use, and the format and structure of each landing page should fit well and read nicely on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Access to any pictures and videos on the landing page should also feel intuitive and natural for those using mobile devices.

When you achieve all of the above, there is a much greater chance that the visitor will stay on your site for longer – and perhaps even convert into a paying customer.

5. Pop-up forms

A final way to retain the attention of those who visit your landing pages could be to include a pop-up form that can help them purchase or learn more about your products. If the pop-up springs up at the right moment, there could be a good chance of the visitor staying for longer and maybe even signing up to whatever your brand is offering.

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