Could just one page be enough for your website?

We’ve mentioned previously here on the blog of PENNInk Productions that there are some very good reasons why you may consider a minimalist design for your website. But what about paring down those features to an even greater extent – to just a single page?

It’s not as ridiculous an idea as you might think, if your brand is able to convey all of the key information it needs to convey within the bounds of one page.

Now, obviously, we’re sure you’ll want to discuss certain things in more detail with your customer once they actually get in touch with you. But to begin with, a single-page website might serve your organisation just fine. Below, then, our trusted web consultants in the UK share their favourite tips for making your one-page website a success.

Stick to a single goal with your website

Even websites that have many more than just one page tend to be at their most effective when they have a single, powerful overarching message.

If you centre your brand’s entire website on one goal, it’s more likely that you will be able to get your site visitors to help you to fulfil this goal. All of your site’s photos and text can therefore be geared towards accomplishing this, with minimal scope for any further distractions.

Simplify, simplify and simplify again

If you have a lot of information that you wish to impart on your website, a single-page design may not make much sense. After all, do you want to be squeezing so much text, imagery and other elements into a single page that your message is muddied and the customer doesn’t even really know what action you want from them?

A one-page site will therefore stand to make the most impact when it really is very, very simple. That might mean using a line or two of text instead of a difficult-to-digest block, and one photo per section of the page, instead of several.

Remember that the simpler you can make your one-page site, the more straightforward it will also be to get your overriding message to sink in.

Make it obvious how the visitor can contact you

There’s a good reason why one-page websites so routinely feature an obvious ‘contact us’ section at the end. If the visitor has been scrolling down the page and hasn’t yet responded to any of the other ‘calls to action’ they’ve seen, there’s a good chance they have questions they would like to have answered before they commit to a purchase.

So, such information as your phone number and email address will obviously help you here. Also, if you have a high-street brick-and-mortar presence to which you welcome visitors in person, don’t overlook the possibilities for promoting it in this part of your site. A map of its location and perhaps even an image of your outlet or office could really help the reader to envisage making a visit.

Why wait any longer to get started?

Much of the magic of a one-page website lies in the fact that you can have your brand’s online presence up and running in next to no time. And guess what? Our capable and seasoned web consultants in the UK here at PENNInk Productions can assist you in making this possible.

Call the team now, on 020 8144 7931, to find out more about working with us.

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What I appreciated most was the level of engagement with me as a person and the way that has ultimately been reflected in the construction and design of my website.

Tamar Posner

Having tried two other web companies, my business has been with PENNInk for many years because I trust them and they make the most of my online presence, supporting and enabling growth. Thank you, PENNInk. You go above and beyond.

Kiran Grover

PENNInk Productions are everything you could want when updating or having a brand new website. They are experts and take the mystery out of getting your message across to your customers. Thank you.

Christine Black

I would like to thank you for your recent work you have done to my website. My website looks refreshed and finally it is responsive. I was happy with the price you have quoted and you stayed in touch with me during the whole redesign process. I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my clients and friends and I will definitely use your services again.

Michał Ziełinski

Lisa and her team are fabulously creative, great technicians, and, most importantly, take the time to listen to their clients' needs and wants to build the very best and effective websites. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Samantha Pilling

Many thanks for all your efforts. It seems like a long haul from when we were first hacked into and it is amazing how important websites have become. You are certainly in the right business!

Jeff Creak

PENNInk Productions made me a state-of-the-art website to be proud of. My website is my 'shop front' and I am getting more clients as a result.

They  listened to my needs and met them within my budget, they provided a high-quality service and level of expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Thank you, PENNInk, for all your hard work and your continued professionalism and business support.

Kiran Grover

Just looked at the site and Lisa you've done a brilliant, brilliant job! I feel this is a really 'grown up site' and if that sounds daft just put it down to me being so thrilled at what Lisa has produced!

Marilyn Messik

The idea of someone reassessing the way you present yourself to the world is priceless.

Ruti Halvani

STUNNInk Success!

Sharon Schamroth

...input, constructive criticism and ability to be imaginative and creative in a professionally meaningful and informative way have helped me to produce many successful marketing campaigns.

G. Rutledge

...planned, produced, implemented and managed teams in the successful deployment of more than 60 websites.

M. Atcheson

...careful attention to detail and to be ever mindful of deadlines and schedules, all while displaying good customer relations skills.

M. Brandon


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