“SEO isn’t relevant to me” is a poor excuse

At times it can feel as if we do practically everything online these days. In many ways, that might well be true. Of course, it’s also true that not everything is done online yet. Some people, especially in the older generations, do still prefer to do things face-to-face, which a lot of the rest of us may be accustomed to doing on the Internet.

Then, too, there are certain types of business for which having a strong online presence may not seem all that important, even in 2020. Perhaps you’re the local neighbourhood shop, pub or café that seems to have done fine so far selling to customers who have learned about you through traditional ‘word of mouth’, or by walking past your premises on the street.

If this describes your own organisation, why should you exactly rush to request online SEO services like those of PENNInk Productions? Isn’t there just a small chance that this SEO stuff is all a bit overhyped?

SEO is becoming even more powerful and important

Let’s look first at the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ for many traditional ‘high street’ businesses lately: the Coronavirus crisis. As recent news headlines show, COVID-19 has definitely not ‘gone away’. Indeed, since the spring, your business might have been forced to adopt or build on an existing online presence to continue spreading the word about your products or services.

But even before the pandemic, SEO was a seriously potent thing for businesses – even the local or niche ones that might have long been reluctant to fully embrace it. Google alone processes tens of thousands of search queries every second, and billions per day. That’s an awful lot of queries being made, including about products and services like those your business offers.

Your brand lacking an SEO strategy in 2020 means missing out on invaluable opportunities to generate awareness, traffic, sales and revenue, that your competitors will inevitably be scooping up instead. And that rule applies across every sector, to large and small firms alike.

In short, online SEO services can be hugely powerful and are absolutely for businesses or charities like yours, no matter how niche, local or ‘offline’ you may seem to be.

Whether you’re local, niche or in a competitive industry, we’ll guide you through the possibilities

Let’s cycle through some of the types of business that might still be inclined to gloss over the importance of SEO in 2020.

If you’re a very small and local business, for instance, you might mistakenly think that the Internet is only for a global audience, when in reality, it’s also exceedingly local. Punch “Italian restaurants near me” into Google, and you’ll soon see that. A lot of people now perform similar searches to discover businesses near them, often highly spontaneously, via their smartphone or tablet. Your business just can’t afford to be invisible to such people.

So what about niche businesses, those with a very narrow focus? Well, if anything, such firms may have an advantage over bigger and broader businesses in terms of their chances of SEO success, given that they’ll already have an idea of what kind of specific keywords or search queries they could target. Our online SEO services can really help niche firms like yours to zoom in on those potential consumers who’re seeking exactly what your business offers, so that you don’t waste time and money aiming for the custom of people who will never be interested in your offerings.

Finally, firms in especially competitive sectors could also stand to greatly benefit from SEO. Sure, there might be bigger names in your industry that still manage to regularly outrank you. But SEO is great for achieving high rankings for frequently used and relevant search queries even if you aren’t a massive name in your sector – which in the process, could help you to become a massive name.

There’s never a bad time to start SEOing!

Such is the breadth and depth of possibilities for SEO to bring in business these days, no firm of any size, industry or location can any longer afford to ignore it. If your brand isn’t doing SEO, you can be sure that your competitors will be, thereby capturing business that could be yours, even with relatively little investment.

Fortunately, SEO doesn’t have to be an overly intimidating field, especially when you have the right experts by your side. Reach out to PENNInk Productions about our online SEO services today, and we’ll begin to talk you through our distinctive and comprehensive approach that will go a long way to helping your business to achieve new heights of success – online and offline.

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