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Google My Business

Update your Google My Business listing now!

To say that the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has caused significant disruption would be quite the understatement. Indeed, it has profoundly affected almost every aspect of our lives and the lives...
responsive design

The basics of adaptive vs responsive website design

One of the first questions that brands looking to design or redesign their website need to answer these days, is whether they would prefer an adaptive or responsive design. This...
outward bound

What role should outbound links play in your SEO?

Anyone who’s anyone in the world of SEO optimisation services knows that high-quality inbound links are vital if a given brand is to do well in the search engine rankings....
personalise content for first time users

Personalising website content for first-time visitors

You might understandably imagine that the idea of personalising the content on your website for people who are only visiting for the first time can’t possibly be a ‘thing’. After...
Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19: supporting our clients and partners

Keeping our community of clients and business partners healthy and safe while maintaining business continuity is our top priority. We want to do our part to help you stay connected...
detective following footprints

What you need to know about Google’s changes to nofollow links

“So what?”, you're probably thinking, “it's just another Google update”. Well, if you’ve been online since 2005, you’ll probably be able to remember a thing or two about just how...
browsing ecommerce website on tablet

3 effective ways to keep people on your website

Actually keeping visitors on your website instead of hitting the browser ‘back’ button might not be your number one priority when talking to digital marketing and website design companies in...
2020 local business link building

How to build links effectively for your local business

Statistics continue to point to the considerable importance of local business digital marketing in the third decade of the 21st century. Did you know, for instance, that 76% of people...
web accessibility

Why website accessibility has never been more important

There’s a good chance that you’ll have already heard a fair bit about website accessibility, especially if you have been talking to a trustworthy web design company such as PENNInk...
hand signals

3 SEO ranking signals that’ll count in a big way in 2020

Is search engine optimisation (SEO) a complicated thing, or a simple thing? In many ways, it’s both; while there are said to be more than 200 different SEO ranking factors...
2020 web design predictions

Prediction time: what will 2020 be about in web design?

Yes, we know what you’re thinking – predicting the future is a thankless task, so why really bother? The answer to that is simple: the emerging website design trends detailed...
voice search

How did voice search go from gimmick to game-changer?

Not so long ago, voice search (the kind of search performed by voice, rather than by entering text into a search engine) might’ve seemed like something out of The Jetsons....
winning website user experience

5 easy wins to improve poor website user experience

It’s not just the elements your small business website design should have that it is important for you to know, but also the elements that it shouldn’t have. So with...
blue and orange responsive web design

5 good reasons to update your website

The word “update” can be a vague one, but I’ve been ambiguous with the title for this blog post for good reason: whether you’re making small adjustments or massive sweeping...

3 things hampering your website attracting backlinks

A lot may have changed in the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) down the years, but one thing that has remained steadfastly important is link building. There may be...
single page business website

Could just one page be enough for your website?

We’ve mentioned previously here on the blog of PENNInk Productions that there are some very good reasons why you may consider a minimalist design for your website. But what about...
B2B business-to-business

5 of the best ways to improve B2B design and content

The process you use to clinch B2B sales may be more complicated than is typically the case with B2C sales, but your website shouldn’t be complex as well – at...
website 404 error page

How your 404 error page can boost search rankings

We’ve all come across 404 error pages from time to time as part of our regular journeys around the Internet. Of course, there are several reasons why these pages might...
local search optimisation

Are you attracting people from ‘near me’ searches?

As you're doubtless aware, there are certain times in life when just two words can make a huge difference. When it comes to bolstering your local business digital marketing, there...
responsive website design

3 important questions when redesigning your website

Often, the fundamentals of your business – and even your business website – might be sound, but that doesn’t mean your site wouldn’t benefit from a bit of TLC. So,...
sitemap exploring

How a sitemap can boost your SEO

Have you ever scrolled down to the bottom of a webpage and noticed that among the links there, there’s a reference to something called a ‘sitemap’? Indeed, you might have...
website navigation

3 reasons why your site needs to be a dream to navigate

Often it’s the supposedly simplest things that can make the biggest difference to how someone perceives a website. Before you think about trying to woo your site visitors with spectacular...
Google image search

How to fast-track your image SEO

It would be easy to assume that image SEO is basically just about alt tags. Here at PENNInk Productions, we certainly wouldn’t wish to underemphasise the importance of those for...
SEO-friendly website construction

How can an SEO-friendly structure help your website?

As a business owner with a web presence, you might have read and heard a lot about the importance of structuring your site in a way that helps to place...


What I appreciated most was the level of engagement with me as a person and the way that has ultimately been reflected in the construction and design of my website.

Tamar Posner

Having tried two other web companies, my business has been with PENNInk for many years because I trust them and they make the most of my online presence, supporting and enabling growth. Thank you, PENNInk. You go above and beyond.

Kiran Grover

PENNInk Productions are everything you could want when updating or having a brand new website. They are experts and take the mystery out of getting your message across to your customers. Thank you.

Christine Black

I would like to thank you for your recent work you have done to my website. My website looks refreshed and finally it is responsive. I was happy with the price you have quoted and you stayed in touch with me during the whole redesign process. I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my clients and friends and I will definitely use your services again.

Michał Ziełinski

Lisa and her team are fabulously creative, great technicians, and, most importantly, take the time to listen to their clients' needs and wants to build the very best and effective websites. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Samantha Pilling

Many thanks for all your efforts. It seems like a long haul from when we were first hacked into and it is amazing how important websites have become. You are certainly in the right business!

Jeff Creak

PENNInk Productions made me a state-of-the-art website to be proud of. My website is my 'shop front' and I am getting more clients as a result.

They  listened to my needs and met them within my budget, they provided a high-quality service and level of expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Thank you, PENNInk, for all your hard work and your continued professionalism and business support.

Kiran Grover

Just looked at the site and Lisa you've done a brilliant, brilliant job! I feel this is a really 'grown up site' and if that sounds daft just put it down to me being so thrilled at what Lisa has produced!

Marilyn Messik

The idea of someone reassessing the way you present yourself to the world is priceless.

Ruti Halvani

STUNNInk Success!

Sharon Schamroth

...input, constructive criticism and ability to be imaginative and creative in a professionally meaningful and informative way have helped me to produce many successful marketing campaigns.

G. Rutledge

...planned, produced, implemented and managed teams in the successful deployment of more than 60 websites.

M. Atcheson

...careful attention to detail and to be ever mindful of deadlines and schedules, all while displaying good customer relations skills.

M. Brandon


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