About Us

About PENNInk Productions

We help businesses get started on the web. We are seasoned professionals who take pride in every solution we build. We offer an array of services for our clients to showcase themselves in a professional manner through web design, branding, digital marketing and search engine optimisation.

Our goal is to create a business where we can support our clients in all aspects of their online business. Hence our motto...

We Hold Your Hand, While Building YOUR Brand™

Initially founded in Toronto, Canada, PENNInk Productions offers a service to help professionals - from corporate executives to home-office entrepreneurs - develop a successful online business presence.

Meet the team

Lisa Penn

Lisa Penn

I moved my career and life to London in 1998, where I brought the valuable experience of doing roles with a global remit in large corporates to the UK.

Building on a successful career in visual communication and events planning, I founded PENNInk Productions in 2003 and haven't looked back.

After leaving the corporate world, I now support companies across many sectors, from start-ups to charities, and from universities to SMEs to develop their website and online presence in order to set them up for success.

But like all things, change is inevitable, which ensures our vision that — Digital Ink NEVER Dries!

Edward Solomon

Edward Solomon

I am a Digital Business Consultant with over 30 years' experience in project management, technical education, computer networking, web design and development. I have a degree in Modern Languages from the University of Westminster.

With extensive experience in all phases of the website development life cycle, I am successful in effectively designing, implementing and managing digital marketing solutions based on Content Management Systems. I have experience in enhancing existing websites and implementing performance improvements with consistent success in cost reduction.

In his spare time, I like reading historical fiction, cycling, and performing on the trombone.

Who else works with us?

We work with very talented designers and developers from around the UK. We don't outsource to strangers in parts unknown. It may be cheaper, but trust us, it's not better; we tried and it didn't work for us.

We have a strong work ethic and the people we choose to work with other who do as well. We know, because we've worked with many of them for years.