Denis Wick Products


Denis Wick Products Ltd., a company internationally renowned for designing and manufacturing mouthpieces, mutes and accessories for brass musical instruments, needed to redesign and redevelop its ageing website in order to attract its target audience and allow business-to-business ecommerce ordering for UK dealers.


PENNInk Productions proposed a bespoke ecommerce solution catering for the needs of a wide audience comprising the general public, musical instrument dealers and distributors, and professional and amateur musicians. A combination of contemporary responsive website design and development incorporating an online product catalogue and ordering system for UK dealers were the drivers behind the creation of a new website, striving to be the best in class for brass musical instrument mouthpieces, mutes and accessories by setting Denis Wick Products above the rest of its competitors.

The new site is designed to minimise administration time spent by reducing the overhead in managing products, which which can be labour-intensive, and encouraging UK dealers to place orders online, freeing up staff time.


  • Bespoke website design and development including:
    • integrated ecommerce product catalogue and ordering system
    • worldwide distributor list and UK dealer list with Google Maps
    • artist portfolio


Brand visibility

In terms of page views and overall visits, numbers are up by almost 36% over the first six months compared with the previous six months.

Google Analytics Audience Overview
Google Analytics Audience Overview
Google Analytics Acquisition Overview
Google Analytics Acquisition Overview

In almost every instance, the brand’s visibility has increased through more new users engaging with the website and higher search rankings through organic search. Compared with the previous six months prior to launching the new website, there are more sessions, more users, more page views and a lower bounce rate, as a wider audience engages with the new website.